The sun continues to shine from all the cracks, but we’ve somehow gotten used to it, so here’s a post for you. There are a great variety of different psychomagical phenomena, but only two of them (or rather, two groups) have been more or less well studied, researched, and most importantly, their existence has been proven. These two are the so-called attraction and okushaz. The second one is a little more interesting and piquant, so I’ll leave it for the next post, and here I’ll talk about the first one.

In fact, “attraction” is a general name for three phenomena at once: direct attraction, distraction and retraction. What, exactly, is the point: immediately after using this or that witchcraft, the person who performed it becomes:

  • or more attractive to certain people - it is an attraction;
  • or less attractive - this is a distraction;
  • or the opinion about his attractiveness changes to the opposite - this is retraction.

It is difficult to say when this phenomenon was first described - its mentions are found among the ancient Hellenes, and among the Glinnarians, and generally throughout the world at different times. However, they began to study it seriously only in the eighteenth century, and it generally looked very funny. The sequence was something like this:

- it was proven - it was refuted - it was refuted; divided into three different phenomena - collected back into one; decided that it manifests itself depending on the species - they refuted it...

In any case, now there is a consensus at least about its existence, and that’s good. Further - more difficult; it seems that its occurrence does not depend on anyone’s species - neither on the magician, nor on those who perceive it. But it seems to depend on the type of witchcraft that the magician does - and it’s also not entirely clear how. So far, we have only been able to find out that any healing spell causes exclusively attraction and never distraction - this is already some kind of progress.

The mechanism, apparently, is a little reminiscent of empathy: the remnants of magical structures located next to the magician are perceived subconsciously by other individuals and affect the degree of their disposition towards the magician. True, the problem is that attraction and distraction can be explained this way, but for retraction you have to pull the owl onto the globe. We wait and hope that one day scientists will be able to explain everything.

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