sudden bow

So, well, here is finally what I wanted to show the day before yesterday.

I can’t understand whether this is universal irony, or some other similar game - but we found a recurve bow. With double shoulders.

Experts say that it is similar to the Glinnar bows of the 1st-8th centuries AD - except, of course, for the extra shoulders and size. He's really healthy. VERY healthy - definitely not for a person and hardly for an Alva. Most likely, for a geart - and transverse scratches (apparently from claws) on the handle confirm this.

The wood is white with large gray veins - it looks like lobnia. On the left is a drawing of how this bow looks now, on the right - how it will probably look if a bowstring is attached to it. Anticipating questions: yes, there is also a bowstring nearby, but we will not cling to it - some remnants of brains still remain in our heads.

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