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It's damp outside and the weather is nasty. Nevertheless, the history department of the Rozhev National University (Rechan), in cooperation with the history department of the Uzovsky State University (Retsinia), for no reason at all decided to organize excavations near the Rudom Sea coast, near Hveitstad. The idea was initially received without much enthusiasm, but now a week has passed, and on the first day we found something that is really very wow. The buried underground ... storage is not a storage, the hell knows, in a word, but with such stocks of various literature that some modern libraries would envy. The scientific works of the Alvs-dualists, the annals of the Kharassukhum dwarves, some Geart recipes… It’s probably easier to say what isn’t there.

Such luck is rare, of course, and therefore the question of authenticity has surfaced. But judging by the fact that some of the historical information that we find there (and this entire pile of documents dates back to the first half of the fourth century for the most part) repeats the data already known to us, then more likely yes than no. In short: there is a lot of interesting stuff in there that is very likely to be true. Because we (Andryukha Ashaҫҫҫҍҙҙyya and Berry Rushkaronzav), having asked permission from our powers that be, we decided to start this blog to show people the most delicious of what we find.

Stay with us and stay tuned for updates!

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