Tuesday - the day is not much better

We continue the story with the days of the week. We started - that means we need to finish.

- six-day week: among the Glinnar elves and the Sadorei elves. Apparently, it arose among them at the stage when they were one and only people. Glinnar days of the week are called as follows:

  • saitya (saithia) "new"
  • linya (línia) "lunar"
  • telya (thélia) "star"
  • gerya (geria) "light"
  • fedya (fedhia) "fiery" (or "solar")
  • yerya (ieria) "old"
    The Sador ones are exactly the same in meaning and form: šúihttea, linnea, tallea, norrea, páđđea, iárrea.

— a five-day week among the Dverg-Kharassukhumi people. These were distinguished by a somewhat strange imagination and named the days haṭaxel "one night" moñquxel “two-night”... They probably liked it better that way. Hard to tell.

- incomprehensible game - among the Eryakhshar dzherts. After three eight-day weeks there was one six-day week, then again three eight-day weeks and one six-day week... This is mainly due to their calendar, but more on that another time.
The days of the eight-day week were simply called ordinal numbers: rāz̧ef "first", teref “second”, ... Six-day days - borrowed from the Glinnar people and look like saţya, līnya, ţelya, geria, fēḑya, ērya.

Somehow this post turned out to be quite small compared to that one. Well, nothing!

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