On the last page of the comic that we posted a couple of days ago, you may have noticed (and probably did) a strange Г-shaped symbol in the lower right corner. Question: what is it?

Since this thing is located in the corner where the numbering used to be, it is obvious to assume exactly that. Well in general, yes, that's so, it is a number. The next question is: what kind of numbering system is this?

Answer: such one. It was used on the Lavinavian Peninsula and adjacent territories, in conjunction with runic calendars and runic inscriptions. The numbers are terribly simple: a one is Г, and to form others further up to a four, one horizontal line is added each time. Five is P, and up to a nine, we also add a line each time.

There is a slight difficulty with a ten/zero, which looks like Ф. The fact is that this sign was used completely randomly: both as 10 and as 0, without any consistency. Moreover, it's not known whether the people of that time had any idea about the decimal number system (most likely not). But we have some idea about it, and therefore in the comic we will use it as the full equivalent of zero.

Now you know a little more!

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