Maiden named Gwailen

We were so carried away by all sorts of different things that we completely forgot that the story with the protazan was still continued!

The examination went well, and a certain mark was found on the blade (see attached image), which reads in Glinnar as Gweilen, Gweilen. No, this is not the name of the weapon: the spear maidens did not have a tradition of giving names to their spears, swords, etc. As far as we can tell, this is the name of the owner, and in this case everything works out even better, since such a name was in use exclusively in the territory of the northern state, Mar-ha-Fallas.

Based on the outline of the sign (very specific), they also found a blacksmith. He is still alive, by the way, but they could not reach him: his relatives said that he had taken a long vacation, which would end somewhere in the beginning of summer. Let's wait for now, we're not in any particular hurry anyway.

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