Meet Berenice

While Berenice does not hear me and sits with her back to me, I will quickly tell you how we met.

In the seventh grade, I left my old school and went to an extra-fashionable lyceum, which was located right next to my house. In the class where I ended up, the guys were generally very nice and friendly, but it was quite natural that I immediately began to communicate with the Gearts (there were two guys there), but Berenike was not so lucky - she was the only Dverg we had.

As a creature similar to a bald dog, they tried to bully me not very aggressively, but by that age I already knew a lot of offensive jokes about mothers and responded with them - besides, my friends Arim and Zehar perfectly mastered the art of growling low and It’s unkind to look from under your brows.

Berenice, when we all more or less got to know each other and got comfortable, also began to be bullied - because of the beard that was just beginning to grow on her. She didn’t particularly react to the jokes, and the boys and I didn’t interfere either - until the very moment when she was squeezed in the school yard in the winter by a flock of guys from a parallel class. I didn’t even understand what happened then: one of them tried to pull her by the hair on her face, and then immediately found herself upside down in a huge snowdrift. The rest immediately fled, and Arim, Zehar, and I, impressed by her Dvergian kung fu, offered to join our company. Berenice happily agreed.

After school we were scattered all over the place. Berry went to Recinia, where she had some relatives, I stayed in Recan. Arim moved to his historical homeland, Eryakhshar, and Zehar is slowly finishing his master's degree in Germany. A little sad, but natural.

I call Berenice here - in case she remembers something else from her school days =D

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