Geart teeth

I was asked a very strange question today: do Gearts brush their teeth?


I won't give a direct answer because it's kind of obvious, but I'll just clarify a couple of points. Those of you who think that in the wild animals retain their teeth until old age and do not need to care for them are deeply mistaken.

Firstly, animals in the wild (the same Panthera) eat raw meat straight with all the tendons and fascia, which help clean the teeth during the chewing process.

Secondly, they often die before they begin to have dental problems in general.

Thirdly, if they start having problems with their teeth, they die because of them - so we can also say that “almost until old age there were no problems”

The device the Gearts use to brush their teeth looks like a regular toothbrush - and is one. If we compare them with human ones, Geart models are usually wider (see photo) - that’s the whole difference.

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