A few posts ago I said that we were contacted by some guys from Ruginia. The National Cultural Museum in Skaftos reported that they have one interesting object in stock.

It is an almost transparent crystal of silver spar with a light golden hue, with sides measuring approximately 30, 45 and 7 millimeters, and with several large cracks. For some reason they didn’t attach a photo, but to hell with it, I shoved a photo of some random crystal from the network here.

Judging by the description, he himself is in a not very well-preserved silver frame, on which the following runes were carved by an elder futhark:

ᛋᛟᚹᚢᛚᛟ ᚲᚹᚨᛁᚲᚹᛁᚦᛁ ᚺᚱᚨᛁᚾᛁᛃᛟ ᛋᚨᛁᚹᚨᛚᛟ
sōwulō kwaikwīþi hrainijǭ saiwalǭ.

From early Proto-Lavina this is translated as “the sun kindles the pure soul.” Such stones could have been used by the ancient Vikings to navigate the sea using the sun in cloudy weather - I may make a separate post about this. The guys claim that the stone may be directly related to the sword we found. They haven’t said what exactly yet, but they want to come to our excavation site, look and figure it out for themselves. I don’t understand why there is such secrecy, but there are probably some reasons for it.

We'll keep you posted!

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