Rings and poison

The holidays are slowly coming, and we indulge in idleness and other procrastination. Accordingly, today’s post will be short and light.

Throughout history, people (and not only them) have come up with and invented a bunch of ways to kill. Cold steel, firearms, martial arts, poisons... We'll talk about the latter today. And a little about decorations.

The most popular and most effective combination is poison + ring/ring. For example, you can attach a hinged lid to it, under which there is a small granule with poison. You imperceptibly threw it into the wine - and that’s it, your opponent the next day is writhing in agony.

There are other options. One of these, for example, is described by an unnamed jeart guardian from Eryakhshar in his notes.

"…today I had the opportunity to explore a new and cunning weapon. It is a rich gold ring decorated with gems. Made for human hand. On its reverse side there is a thin and sharp spike with an inconspicuous hole. I did not open the ring, but I also know that there is a cavity inside it that was filled with some substance. From what I can see now, it looks a lot like one of our sleeping pills. I need more time, but if my guess is correct, then the one who did this thing is very smart: after all, just a small portion of it can put a person, an alva, a geart or a dverg to sleep in a very short time. All you have to do is walk up to someone, tap him on the shoulder, and then follow him a couple of dozen steps until his legs begin to tangle. And then do whatever you want with your victim.".

That's how things are. The conclusion is - look carefully at what is in the hands of people who touch you too actively.

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