Today is a chemical fast.

Firstly, I would like to tell you about such a creature as a mole. It looks very cute, cute and harmless, but in just a couple of days it can turn your site into a minefield. Trees can be seriously damaged - he doesn’t eat their roots, of course, but he can dig directly through them - and then the tree begins to become very depressed.

I've been fighting this monster (or monsters?) for a month now, and a week ago I decided to take drastic action. The first thing I thought of was to put a jar of calcium carbide in his hole and throw some water in it - then acetylene begins to be released very rapidly, which fills all the underground passages - and goodbye, mole. But I ran into a problem: it is sold in at least three kilograms, but I don’t need that much at all - a maximum of 200 grams. And it’s not clear where to store the rest, because it will absorb moisture from the atmosphere, release flammable gas... Dangerous and scary, in short.

The magic formula “mole-mole, MPH in your mouth” doesn’t work either - the mole, apparently, gets offended and starts digging even more. Then I walked around the house a little and came across a beautiful thing called “Whiteness”. If anyone doesn’t know, this is a bleach based on sodium hypochlorite - and in a very acidic environment (pH ‹ 3), hypochlorous acid (which is formed when hypochlorite is dissolved in water) decomposes, releasing chlorine.

Then I just took bleach, poured it into different jars and added vinegar essence to it. Even though I did everything outside, where everything seemed to be ventilated and so on, I inhaled a fair amount of chlorine. He stuffed the resulting chemical weapons into the holes, covered the top with some cardboard, and covered it with more earth. I don’t know if it helped, but the mole hasn’t dug anything else since then.

Be careful with chemicals!

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