Bows, bows

Shooting post.

Bows are different. Straight, block, recursive - but in addition to all this, sometimes you can notice very unusual designs that at first glance look like they are beautiful, but in fact it is not entirely clear whether they work.

One such bow design variation is the double shoulder bow, which I've seen in a number of games. Such a thing immediately caused natural skepticism in me, and I got into the network to understand whether it was possible to shoot from such a thing and whether it was necessary at all.

It turned out that quite yes! This design with different variations is used by some Indian peoples, and not only them. People claim that for the same amount of force, this helps stabilize the flight of the arrow and increase the range by 10-15% compared to a conventional recurve bow. Well, let's believe them!

Here is a video with a man who himself riveted a similar (and very working) bow:

Well, the photos below: the usual Penobscot bow (Penobscot bow), then its more beautiful variation from some online store, well, guess the last one yourself =D

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