Stereotypes about Gearts

I listened to sad Lyric songs and now I’m sitting there. Because this is another part of the stereotypes. This time we'll look at the Gearts; consultant - myself, and also my close friend Zear, with whom I called today.

  1. Geart smells like cats/dogs.
    More likely no than yes. It definitely doesn't smell like cats; If you have sniffed pure dogs of northern breeds (a very common activity, yes), then this is what Gearts smell like. And even most of them use all sorts of perfumes.
  2. Gearts have trouble seeing.
    By human standards, probably yes. It is difficult for us to distinguish between stationary objects, especially those located in the distance, but we notice moving ones immediately. Therefore, when hunting, before shooting at game, Gearts must scare it away.
  3. Gearts very quickly become attached to just anyone and have absolutely no understanding of people.
    This is a complex question, and it concerns more of the Eryakhshar Gearts, but in general I would rather agree. This is due not so much to the peculiarities of our thinking as to the cultural background, but Gearts are indeed very open and trusting.
  4. Gearts are very emotional.
    But this is the honest truth. Therefore, if for the first time you see a good-natured overgrown cat in front of you, who suddenly for some reason tries to hug you, don’t be surprised, this is how it should be.
  5. Gearts are pure predators.
    Not true! And the fact that we belong to the order Carnivora does not mean anything at all: bears, as it were, are not rodents either, but eat honey. Of course, to find a vegetarian jeart somewhere, you need to try VERY hard, but we also eat plant foods. For example, I just love cucumbers.

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