Ѳєıтsтadıs sʌангs

We have already talked so much about things that are quite decently removed from us - in time or in distance. So let's talk today about what is right under our noses.

As you may remember, our excavation site is located near the city of Hveitstad. This city is characterized by the fact that until the seventeenth century it was inhabited almost exclusively by fouls (and very few Kayans). Then the Rechans, Retsins and a few others already came there, but even at the last census 71% of the entire population indicated themselves as fouls. A lot, right?

The linguistic situation there, of course, is a masterpiece. The older generation speaks mainly Retsin, but the younger generation speaks the most beautiful surzhik. It consists mainly of Rechanian grammar, Folian vocabulary, and some other small pieces from Kayan and Retsin. Let's look at examples?

> I'm idhiv to the center hindaga
“I went / went to the center today.” Wed f. hIndaga "today" and Iddga "[I went".

> Map chi ezafehu?
"Card or cash?" Wed f. aızafaıhn "cash".

> Magtesh listen to me without rebrikandya?
"Can you listen to me without interrupting?" To me, this is a masterpiece. The first is the contamination of the Fol magt and Recha you can "can"; last - Rechan prefix re- + f. nнdaʀvʀıkands "Interrupting" + Retsin gerundial suffix -I.

We really hope that someday we will be able to record an interview with a person who speaks such a crazy idiom. If it comes out, we'll show you right away!

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