We, as they say, have arrived.

Actually, nothing too critical. Just a small problem that we can't solve yet. If everything is clear with auto-posting: the bot just got terribly bugged by itself, then everything is much more interesting with a photo. After what happened here, we took a couple of dozen photos and just started sending them to each other in all possible messengers. After sending, each of them became something like this piece of black nothing; some, moreover, changed the format.

Then we twisted the levels of some of them in graphic editors - they are not completely black, they look more like very low-contrast noise, except! the first couple of tens of pixels that stand out from the overall picture (see screenshots below). It looks like some kind of steganography, but how exactly something is encrypted (if it is encrypted), one devil knows, and there’s not much time to poke around, so we’ll figure it out somehow later. Oh, and one more thing - hex editors say that such files completely lack all metadata.

About the reasons for this. I (Andrey) never understand this, but Berenice claims, and with her also two specialists with whom we contacted, that this is some kind of protective magic. I’m really very interested in what kind of magic should be, so that, being superimposed even before the Middle Ages, it could change the format of images and encrypt all sorts of shit there. Anivey, we are unlikely to do this already, for now we are just waiting for specialists.

But there is also good news: magic reacts favorably to photographs of drawings of these monuments. We have found an artist who will draw certain things for us, and we will show and explain everything to you. Keep in touch and try not to get sick!

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