again we break in with pictures. The comrade has been redrawing this lady from a yellowed and faded piece of lodrast for several days, and he is very eager to show the creation to the people.

In general, meet, nameless dragariyka. Who she is, where she comes from and why, we do not yet know, but we will try to find out.

PS I was just told that her eyes seem to have a barely noticeable blue tint in the original drawing. Coincidence or not? We'll tell you later!

PPS Riddle with a thought: why can't you find a photo of a dragar anywhere?
Answer: ¿qɯɐʞɯoȸ oɹǝ ʁɔvɐɯıqu ɐɓʚɐdu oɯ-oɯʞ ɐ

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