Everywhere the entire Internet lags, it burns very strongly from this. It kills even more because literally every year some unfortunate scientist declares that he has FINALLY solved the problem of magical interference, which means that the whole world will soon move to a single magical network.

Spoiler: none of the proposed ideas have worked yet. Therefore, technology and electricity are still our everything.

Okay, I turn off the grumbling grandfather mode and get straight to the point. Generally speaking, I wanted to talk about my impressions of what is happening and what is happening in general.

There are forty students here in total, twenty-two from RNU and eighteen from USU. I won’t even say how many teachers and visiting scientists, because there are new faces here almost every day. I can say for sure that a lot of people are noble.

We were settled here in houses of eight to ten people each. I was lucky to have only two people here with whom I somehow know: Valera (you heard his voice on that old video) and Berenice. It is very unusual to be in the same room for so long with people whom I first saw ... a little less than a month ago, it turns out? But the guys, in fact, are quite good until they get drunk on vodka. I'll tell you a little more about each one later.

Yes, I now sit at home more (well, or just wander around the neighborhood) than I am directly at the excavation site. There are artifacts of such high importance that they don’t really want to let us near them - but enivey, then we are still partially transferred some things that we can work with. All my life, for example, I have been engaged in linguistics, therefore I help to decipher some of the documents found. I never did calligraphy, but I had to =D

In the next series: the secret of the origin of the drawing of the dragariyka, new notes of the wolf (fox?) varnish and something interesting from the historical Eryakhshar, which I have no idea about at all. Don't switch!

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