Damn posts! To hell with the Vikings! We have a holiday today!

All the rallies for the independence of Eryakhshar, which have been held for more than a year, led to the fact that the President of Binizia, Arpaslan Colak, initiated negotiations with representatives of the Eryakhshar opposition and their self-proclaimed self-government body (Jivqeykamas). They began yesterday at 2 pm Biniz time, and the city of Poike, the capital of the Eryakhshar Autonomous Region, was chosen as the venue (which already inspired inspiring thoughts). They just finished this morning.

And what? And the fact that we are celebrating the independence day of Eryakhshara! Of course, the process of its final withdrawal from Binizia will not be quick, but today, on the 18th of the fall of the year 2021, a start was made for it.

Hooray! Eryaxşārē amqodnijef kaḑerad!

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