Electricity from magic

We all love and respect renewable energy sources. This is understandable — you won’t last long on oil and gas alone. Wind, solar, hydroelectric power plants — all this is well known and familiar to us.

But what if it were possible to create electricity from (almost) pure magic?

The prospect seems very tempting. Indeed: build yourself a turbine, build some kind of magical construct that would rotate it, and get almost free electricity. Much less energy will be spent on building such a construct than will be obtained in the result in the form of electricity, so, it seems?..

Of course, if it were that simple, then at least 100 MW and at least one such station would be built. But we don't see this. So what are the problems?

  1. Magical interference. In theory, it could happen that someone else close enough to the station uses magic, in which case the construct created to rotate the turbine would interfere with it. The results... may vary, and they are all varying degrees of trouble.
  2. Let's assume that such a power plant is very well isolated. Then the next problem arises: adjustability. It will be very difficult to stop and start them again if there is such a need, because changing already made constructs is... difficult. Sometimes it's almost impossible.
  3. And even if we assume that some kind of clever construct was built that can be turned on and off at will, the last problem multiplies everything by zero. Just as magical matter affects physical matter, processes occurring in physical matter can affect magical matter. In particular, high-energy electromagnetic fields.

To put it a little more simply, a trivial magnetic field in the turbine stator windings can lead to deformation of the entire magical construct and scenarios with approximately the same degree of despondency as in point 2 earlier. And what’s most disgusting is that we don’t know how to prevent this and, to be honest, we consider it hardly possible.

So, alas, no free electricity yet! We live on what we have.

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