Today we brought you some Viking magic. With some historical facts (and how without them).

We turn, of course, to the notes of the same nameless author who wrote runic verses and a bunch of other things. The first point in his notes on magic, he deals, of course, with various systems of divination/divination. All this is described in one capacious word. spa.

He again mentions that in order to read the most correct prophecy, one must know the person whose fate one is reading. Because the most important thing in divination is interpretation. Anyone can throw runes on the table, but it’s already much more difficult to interpret, and the personal qualities of the one who is being guessed play a very big role in this.

Among all this, we first of all hoped to find one specific thing - and we did not lose (haha). This is the so-called fimmrunaspá (fortune telling on five runes), which, by the way, is still in use today. You could see him on the first page of our comic.

Why is it interesting? The fact that it is primordial and not Lavinavian at all. Yes Yes! It came to them from the alvs-sadorei, their close neighbors (not always kind, but that's a completely different story). Sadori themselves, of course, did not use runes: they used other symbols for this; but the principle has not changed much. And what does it consist of?

Sadori traditionally believe that the fate of a person / alva / substitute something else is determined by five things:

  • aihtihat - “external”, that is, circumstances beyond the control of a person;
  • dirruosa - "will";
  • vlahtta - "thoughts", lit. "brain";
  • Cuorat - "feelings", lit. "heart";
  • mallois - "body".

Fortune-telling looks outwardly very simple: the soothsayer (nitsa) takes out five runes from the bag in turn (the sadores have their analogues) without looking and puts them in his palm without looking. Each rune corresponds to one of the aspects listed above, in the same order. And then ... right! Interpretation!

This method has survived to this day, probably because it requires nothing more than a bag of runes and the ability to count to five. And modern sadori, by the way, also use it.

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