It turns out that if you sit at home in wet and cold weather and do nothing, sooner or later a draghar in human form will come to you. At least that’s exactly what happened to us today. This is the same friend of ours (if you can call him that) who helped write stereotypes and then answered a little questions.

As it turned out, he was very bored and had absolutely nothing to do, so he decided to visit us. We were in complete solidarity with him, and therefore we sat him down at the table and fed him without further ado. And this time it was not we who asked him questions, but he himself told us some things that we would hardly have thought to ask.

  • his real name is Acherus (Âcêrxus [ɒ.tʃʌ.ʀus]). No one except his fellow Dragars will be able to identify him by it, so he calmly revealed it to us;
  • Dragars, it turns out, have their own techno-magical internet. The principle of its operation, as he himself said, he is unlikely to be able to explain, but it works - and well;
  • in private, draghars (even those with human or similar bodies) prefer to communicate telepathically;
  • Dragars (unlike elves) need six hours of sleep every day. Even those with human/Alvian bodies;
  • all, all, all the Dragars of the world have one single language with dialects quite far apart from each other. But telepathic communication eliminates possible difficulties, since words are also supplemented by images;
  • Specifically, Acherus himself loves green tea so much that he could drink it around the clock. True, then he becomes too cheerful and active, and begins to cause inconvenience to others;
  • and he also loves to play the violin.

At the end of our conversation, he somewhat embarrassedly asked if he could stay with us for the night. The only free space left was on my bed, so I honestly warned him that if he doesn’t mind my loud snoring, then let him spend the night with us for good measure.

So today, late in the evening, we are planning a big violin concert. I have already agreed that the first composer on the program will be Sibelius.

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