Two brothers

Another extraordinary post with attempts at calligraphy. This is the old Eryakhshar, still the same fourth century. In the original, the lines were written boustrophedon, but the pen on my pen does not allow writing from right to left, unfortunately.

Ed sēryāzem purţas,
tazē tārx yāñ āvad,
Sapad dar hayyamqund,
vadund Gelēm-i-Şayr.

(and then more lines that were not included):

Vad forusataş Azur-
hat elziraxn vestund,
jarda dar-ē Şefayr.

First, I would immediately like to draw attention to the outdated form of the sign rodfa - now its final form is carried down the line and ends with one hook, not two; signs for nasal n, m have a head shape corresponding to voiced ones, and in ñ the head is characteristic of the deaf (now all three are recorded with a “deaf” head).

Further, this text is the beginning of a long verse story about brother gods from the Eryakhshar religion. Here is the most famous translation of this piece into Retsin:

Long time ago when
the earth was young
Two brothers - Light and Darkness -
walked among the people.
Azursherkh, Menagrad -
their names were
Our world is made up of them,
eternal two parts.

(a completely original religion, and the similarities with Ahuramazda and Anhraman are absolutely random, yes, yes)

I'm not entirely sure it's important to mention this, but I'll say it anyway. Even so, it was difficult for me to draw these signs - and operations to retract the claws of the Gearts (= making them retractable) began to be carried out from the tenth century, not earlier. Question: how could they hold pens and write with them so beautifully before? ..

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