A little more about dragars

The last couple of weeks have been a bit crazy for our entire team. For a bunch of different reasons; for the most part, however, they were good.

So we were not surprised even once when our old friend Acherus looked at our light yesterday. I honestly hoped that at least this time the conversation would not go as usual, but ... alas. After the standard two cups of coffee, we just started bombarding him with questions; he, however, answered them with pleasure. Or so it seemed to me.

We mainly talked about the leisure of dragars - those of them who preferred their original body to a human one. After all, judge for yourself: if you are a huge half-bird, half-reptile twenty meters long, what can you do in your free time?

The first thing Acherus told us was that the abundance of our leisure activities compared to the Dragars was one of the main reasons why many Dragars decided to change their bodies.

Acherus called flying the first and main type of leisure. According to him, this is a favorite pastime of almost all dragars - to fly (or swim in the water as an option) for hours without thinking about anything at all. In the last century, however, this has become more difficult. Due to the development of aviation for the most part.

My second favorite activity is word games. Mystery of the Sphinx Nonsense; he, as Acherus said, was no match for anyone he knew. Dragars can play with elves, humans, gearts, and dwarves; they can also, of course, with other dragars. And maybe even with themselves, if there is no one nearby.

Many are also involved in science. We all remember the semi-legendary Areg, who was (reputedly) the first to invent a relatively safe way to transmigrate a dragar into a human body. And we, alas, do not know about many others: rarely any of them wrote down any of their developments. At least due to the fact that often there was nothing to write on.

But these three points, in fact, exhaust almost everything that dragars can do. And given that they are increasingly losing their favorite pastime - flying - the trend looms not the most pleasant. Sooner or later, it may happen that they all change their bodies to human ones.

Or maybe not. How to know!

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