Continuation of the same Lavinavian notes, this time again about magic. And here we will not talk about some kind of classical fortune-telling and similar things, but about a slightly different aspect.

The author of the notes mentions people who were called logasynir/logadœtr - "sons / daughters of fire" (or its personification Logi), as well as surtsovinir - "opponents of Surt." How were they different? Those who owned various types of magic, involving the involvement of fire in one form or another.

Now, of course, it is difficult to find a person who could not magically set fire to a bunch of dry sticks or leaves - in fact, this is the simplest everyday magic, which is not even somehow ashamed to own. At the same time, it was somewhat different; and men capable of producing such a banal trick inspired both respect and fear in others.

But of course surtsovinir far from just lighting fires here and there. They - those of them who had a higher skill - were highly valued in battle as well. And, by the way, not only men, but also women! There is not much evidence for this, but there is. Because judge for yourself: what difference does it make what gender a person is, if he knows how to masterfully fry enemies with fireballs?

Jokes are jokes, of course, but the point was also that surtsovinir were, in fact, a separate "caste", if you can call it that. Their magical knowledge was often inherited, but they also took students willingly. Another thing is that rarely anyone wanted to go to study with them.

And their naming "opponents of Surt" is due to the fact that when Ragnarok comes and Surt cuts down Yggdrasil, it is the "fiery magicians" who will first oppose him. Then their white firehviteldr) will clash with black fire (svarteldr) Surt and thus mark the beginning of the destruction of the world.

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