Abstract: again about our good old characters, whose names we met. Why all of a sudden? Now I will explain.

So, we have already seen such a name (nickname?) as Motley (püstrüjü, quick in Prarechansky). We know about him that he:

  • rechanin, from the Rda clan (the ancient Rechans kept totemic beliefs; red is an irbis, also known as a snow leopard);
  • had something to do with a Stur named Emed, a Geart named Viryaz, a Norman named Lodinn;
  • All.

Now we have found a thing. It seems to be banal: something like a metric book from Hvarsh, a village in Eryakhshara, for the year 328 AD. However, we read the following:

“Berezen: ... was born in a flock of Azura from people (J. masyāyzem), named Motley (J. Sexan), because his hair is not only blond (J. nāğ-ħotayna, "brown-sand"), but also white and black with different strands.

Do not ask: we ourselves do not really understand how a person could get into the tribe of the Eryakhshars and get into the metric book. Again, we continue to look further; in the meantime, keep a rough image of Motley from our artist - how, presumably, he could look.

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