As soon as we arrived at the excavation, we were immediately handed a bunch of different materials, which we have been dismantling all this time. There is a lot of all sorts of strange nonsense, but among it we still found a contraption that we can share with you.

This is a collection of poetic hymns in honor of Royna (who is better known under the title of Talvaerid - Queen of the Stars) - one of the ... entities ? worshiped by the Glinnarians. I thought first of explaining who she is at all, for those who are not particularly in the know, but ... The fact is that the elves there first worshiped five so-called Higher, then four, and then eight at all, so this story is very confused and deserves a separate post. Zear fully supports me and sends you greetings, by the way.

Therefore, I’ll explain better first what kind of hymns. The Glinnarians do not specifically have prayers addressed to their Higher Ones - only to the One God, and even then they are rather late and appeared, probably under the influence of their neighbors. But there are many hymns, for every circumstance of life and for different moods. And the Glinnarians are constantly composing new ones, almost for every life situation, so it’s hardly possible to say how many of them specifically. A lot, a lot, that's for sure.

Therefore, there will be a separate post about religion - tomorrow, maybe - but for now, keep one of the most famous hymns with a prose translation into Retsin.

É Thàlbhaeridh an im Illìn,
Dag lerain bhait an audrann dhin.
Edh ollanannaigh seao far,
Teithasa an thail ailen-shar.

Lartheithien, ai, e baeridh bhín,
Gwadhasa an ná'weilean-chin!
Glinnaune dhù, é Faunfinas,
'lìn an endraunin ailen-ias.

O Star Queen who resides behind the moon,
Your eyes are so clear
And blessed is your hand
Lighting up the stars in the sky.

Firebrand, ah our queen
Who is married to the lord of the winds!
Let's sing to you, O Snow-faced,
A song that will break into the sky.

And as illustrations - views from the windows (and not only) of ours and our friends. Snow is beautiful.

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