Glinnarians and religion

Promised post, hooray! A brief and very frisky digression into the Glynar beliefs, pahahaeeee

1. The world was created by one One (literally the One, in claynarya he is Ierthíal) God.
2. For the creation of which he created five smaller ones - there are still disputes about whether to consider them also gods or something like angels - the so-called Higher.
3. All of them correspond to the five elements: fire, water, earth, air and thunder.
4. They were created differently so that everyone would work on some aspect of the created world.
5. When the work was completed, the One invited them to take a closer look at what they had done, and they were horrified - what he had created was very ephemeral, fickle and literally fell to pieces.
6. Then the One breathed the spark of creation into the world and it began to look… well, decent.
7. Agarad (Supreme-thunderstorm) was a little upset because the One could do such things, but he could not, but he did not show it.
6.1. People who are human were invented by Afadar (fire), Alvians - Avetu (air), Dvergians - Igrenna (earth), Gearts - Ilidas (water), Dragars - Agarad (already existed).

8. Some time passed there, Agarad captured several particles of other Higher Ones, which were placed in the so-called Telellair (long history) and imagined himself a demiurge.
9. In particular, it was as a result of his actions that we got the same werewolves and someone else.
10. A war broke out for Telellayr, in which a great many people perished; ended with the fact that Agarad's cuckoo drove off completely, and his experiments acquired an absolutely monstrous character.
11. As a result, he was beaten, tied up, and the rest of the Highest took him to the court to the One.
12. He grunted dejectedly and explained two things:
— the world initially created by the Higher Ones was molded obliquely and crookedly due to the incompleteness of their understanding of the plan; how an artist painting a picture can convey only a part of what he sees in front of him, but far from all;
- and if Agarad did not show off, but did just what he has a soul for, then it would turn out very, very well.
13. As a result, Agarad became completely discouraged and went into eternal exile.

Now we understand why the Glinnarians worshiped first five, and then four. But why eight?

14. The elves and dragars, who communicated with the Higher Ones, eventually realized that each of them (except Agarad) combines two principles, which can be conditionally called male and female. And they manifest themselves in different ways, and sometimes even both together.
15. Therefore, in their view, each of the four was divided into two. For example, Avetu became Avetu proper (who is a man), the lord of the winds, and his wife named Royna, the mistress of the stars. The rest suffered the same fate.

16. From my story, you may have noticed that I describe the Higher Beings as quite real beings, with whom someone communicated there a long time ago. This is true; it is difficult to say how much of these legends and beliefs are embellished and fictional, but the core of this does not change.

17. The exact nature of the Highest is very complex and difficult to describe. These are beings whose consciousness is entirely located in the metaphysical (non-material) layer of space - how to describe it in our physical-materialistic terms?

18. Docking the Supreme with other religions is a separate issue that is worthy of a series of articles, each forty pages long.

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