In a previous post, I mentioned the Northern Alvian people called Atkots. But… who are they anyway?

If, judging by the linguistic data, the Northern Azatian gearts are distant relatives of the Orean ones, then we cannot say the same about the alves. If you do not take into account, of course, that the whole genus Homo Kind of like one big family.

The very word "atcot" comes from the self-name of these guys - aątkoteəts /a.ãt.ko.deə̯t͡s/ “we are the long-lived”. In principle, nowhere is fairer. As for the rest, they began to populate Aznata about 20 thousand years ago - that is, about the same as people. Further, the story developed in its own way - they fought with neighboring tribes, made peace, traded ... everything was as always, in general. And an important fact: the local Jearts, as far as we know, never tried to hunt either the Atcots or other Alvian tribes, while they hunted down and killed people with all that pleasure. Why is that? Now it's hard to say for sure.

And one more fact: when people from Orova massively poured into Aznata, the Atkots did not even try to fight them. They magically fenced off their lands so that it was practically impossible to find them; and if they were found, then ... such people could hardly be envied.

We'll talk about some cultural things some other time. In the meantime, keep pictures of the Atcot man and woman. Both are from the second half of the 20th century.

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