Our comic has been out for three months now; things begin to become clearer. So it's time to open the veil of secrecy a little and talk about things that will no longer be spoilers, but will help to understand the plot a little better.

The events of the comics develop in the middle of the first century AD - this is the very beginning of the so-called. "golden age" of the Vikings. They had not yet built huge warships for thirty pairs of oars, but even on small ones (which are called karvi) they successfully carried out military raids on nearby islands / lands / substitute what they needed.

It is generally accepted that at the very beginning of the mentioned period, all the same Vikings made a sea voyage to Northern Aznata. Evidence of this is negligible, but they look quite unambiguous: the remains of several sites near the coast and legends recorded in the oral tradition of the Atkots, one of the largest North Aznati Alvian tribes.

Unfortunately, we don't know anything more. Neither the names of the expedition members, nor how they communicated with the local tribes, nor how long they stayed there ... And that is why our hands are untied as much as possible. So you should not take Mānihwarbą as something as reliable as possible from a historical point of view. This is a completely invented story, just driven into the historical framework in places.

We hope you enjoy it!

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