Ar ealbhach-shar

The same promised post with a comparison of scripts. We turned to Be-Reshit 1:1. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” and now we will show how this phrase looks in six different languages. Three of them are Glinnar, the other three are sources for the corresponding spellings.

(do not be afraid of scary icons from the MFA, the decoding will be at the end)

1. "Ar ealbhach-shar a iftha Ierthíal ar ailèn edh ar fháhàdh"- classic clay.
2. "I dtús báire chruthaigh Dia neamh agus talamh' is modern Loreland.

The most significant difference is the pronunciation th, dh, sh and fh in these two spellings. In Lorland it is /h/, /ɣ/, /h/ and zero sound (yes, not a very rich set), and in Glynarya it is /θ/, /ð/, /ʃ/ and /ʍ/. The first two sounded the same in Middle Lorland, and the last two are purely Glynarian adaptations. Well, the vowels are different. But in general, the continuity, I think, is visible.

3. "Cû'r eilvacho iwtha Rhaethws ar oilenwy ad ar fothadwy”- Llaehsky (alas, already dead).
4. "Yn y dechreuad creodd Duw y nefoedd a'r ddaear"- Botian.

Here the differences are much smaller. Main three:
- to convey /ð/, Llaeh orthography uses a digraph dh, and Botian - dd;
- to convey /v/ and /f/, Llaeh orthography uses letters v and f, while the Botian uses f and ff respectively.
Otherwise, everything is more or less the same, except for some minimal differences in vowels.

5. "Cu'r oalvac'heu an iñfsha Irshil ar eilenoa ad ar feushadoa"- North Glinnarsky.
6. "Er penn-kentañ e krouas Doue an neñvoù hag an douar"- duat.

Here, too, everything is about the same. Differences:
– duat uses k to transfer /k/, and North Glinnar - c;
— North Glinnar has a digraph g'h to convey /ɣ/, while the duat uses c'h to transmit /x/ and /ɣ/ at the same time;
— North Glinnar has a digraph sh, whose pronunciation varies from [] to [ɧ]. Duat has a digraph zh with both similar and slightly different functions.
And the vowels, suddenly, do not differ at all. Unless, of course, I confuse anything.

/h/ - h in english home
/ɣ/ — hg in rec. boohgalter; or G V ГLord
/θ/ — th in english thin
/ð/ — th in english the
/ʃ/ - sh in english she
/ʍ/ - wh in english which
/v/ - rec. V
/f/ - rec. f
/k/ - rec. To
/x/ - rec. X
// — s in foul stads
/ɧ/ is a very strange thing like /ʃ/ and /h/ at the same time

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