Dia del Ilusionista

Today in Imarbia (as well as some Imarbo-speaking countries) is celebrated Dia del Ilusionista, Magician's Day. Now it is not much different from a bunch of similar professional holidays, but just a couple of centuries ago in Imarbia it was customary to organize grandiose festivals on this day. What is its feature?

To do this, let's turn to the history of its occurrence. At the end of the 18th century, a certain peasant lived in the city of Segovia, whose name was Adan Domingo Jacinto Gasset y Cortes (named after A. Adan Domingo Jacinto Gasset y Cortes). By main occupation, he was a scientist engaged in the study of magic, and in addition to this, he also had a hobby - illusionism. He became known as a man who combined tricks with real magic; of course, he was far from the first such enthusiast, but his tricks were distinguished by a special grace and scope. Probably due to his professional knowledge.

One of his signature tricks was pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Nonsense, you say; but the fact is that there was no secret pocket in the hat, or anything else like that. Instead, Adan Gasset y Cortes created a whole mechanism to literally teleport a rabbit from a cage backstage into a hat when he put his hand into it.

Adam was ruined by his craving for grandiosity. Rabbits were not enough for him; all his life he dreamed of doing the same trick with a person. But he was also a noble person, and therefore he experienced the installation first of all on himself.

What happened next, no one knows for sure. The most popular hypothesis is that the sorcery he set up did not work properly due to interference; but the fact remains: right before the eyes of an audience of at least a thousand people, he entered a huge cylinder and ... disappeared. And no one ever heard of him again.

Who knows - maybe he really planned it all? Did he run away somewhere far away and with the money he earned (and the sums there were huge) he lived comfortably until old age?

Nobody knows, of course. But since then, every year, on the fifth Sich - on the day of his disappearance - a lot of people around the globe celebrate this very holiday - Magician's Day.

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