É Thalbhaeridh

I wanted to upload a new runic verse today (it is already fully processed and ready), but it will be tomorrow. Today, it's just going to be a little bragging.

I bought myself a few brush pens the other day (how is it in Retsin? "pen-brush"?) and since then I just sit for hours and draw something with them on paper. But in general, the purchase had a specific purpose - I wanted to practice classical Glinnar calligraphy. At my current stage (I know almost nothing), traditional tools - ink and pen - would only spoil everything, so for now.

Well, here you can see the first fruit of my efforts. So far, only the alphabet, because the hieroglyphs are terrible, uneven and go in all directions. The recorded text is the first verse of one of the classic hymns to Roina:

É Thàlbhaeridh an im Illìn,
Dag lerain bhait an audrann dhin.
Edh ollanannaigh seao far,
Teithasa an thail ailen-shar.

O Star Queen who resides behind the moon,
Your eyes are so clear
And blessed is your hand
Lighting up the stars in the sky.

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