We continue our Viking theme. As you may remember, the author of all the things that we have been publishing lately has also written decently enough about the differences between the various Lavinavian tribes. By and large, it is clear that they are quite small, but there are also a few interesting things there. Let's talk about them now.

Number one. The biggest language difference: "they [in the east] speak rak, and we [in the West] say rǫk". This is a well-known phenomenon: in the Western Lavinavian languages, a u-umlaut occurred, which translated a V ǫ before u/v in the next syllable, but not in the east. This happened a long time ago, somewhere in the second century AD, and the author, of course, mentions this.

Number two. About blood feudbloðshefnd). It seems to be not too significant, but quite an interesting difference: in the east, only male relatives could avenge the dead. In the West, both men and women could take revenge; moreover, women who preferred revenge to vire were very respected. And, accordingly, they rarely remained widows if they avenged their murdered husbands.

Number three, last one for today. In the west, men (in the context of the most popular hairstyle) usually shaved only the temples and the upper part of the neck, and in the east, the back of the head as well.

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