weird titles

I don't want to post anything particularly serious, so here you go: a little list of strange names that we have compiled. Translated into Retsin somehow, as far as possible - with the preservation of the original meaning.

  • Metric of the base of the tail of the jearts as a marker of the correct posture or A word about balanced walking
  • The main forms of the contours of the beards of the female dwarves
  • Tree climbing for healthy development [redacted]
  • About the vestiges of extra pairs of nipples [this applies to Gearts, I hope]
  • About rotten meat dishes [I don’t even want to think where this could come from]
  • Alva tinctures, their recipes, use and modifications
  • About ways to undermine dragars [??? I really hope we misunderstood the meaning]

There is more, but it's somehow in the next time.

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