In short, we have the following:

  1. We were suddenly given a lot of funding, which is nice. The initiative came from our government, and then FNEVKO also got down to business, well, that's it. Not far from this cache of ours (~ 7-8 km) with a bunch of papers, there is a cottage village, which is still being built up. Apparently, so much money was allocated for our expedition that we were all calmly settled in newly built houses that were not yet inhabited, and even allocated some personal transport (HOORAY I CAN RIDE A WHEELBOW)
  2. Probably, it was necessary to rewrite the text still not looking at night, because I made two unfortunate mistakes there. The first word in the last line has an extended ƿ over the first g, which I just didn't notice, and in the last word of the same line, it's not an extended u over i, but vice versa.

Apparently, this is the middle stage of Pradigitta, when the lenition has already passed, the vowels have almost completely taken shape, but the cases have not yet disappeared, and the verbal paradigms have not evened out. In standard transcription, this is written like this:

pan koxwennu ammdüβ̃iβ̃ọn blewi, newidjontor men skjantọʰ. pėlönt men lugadʉ araljon. clühint men klʉsti awelọn didawhọn. ammgɨlxọnt arɣʷoglehọ me a ammɣworxʉðjọnt.

“When I get fur, my feelings change. My eyes see differently. My ears hear a gentle wind. Smells surround me and envelop me.

From what we can understand so far, these are the notes of some beta werewolf from Digitania. We gave them to the next specialists for decoding and translation.

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